Thursday, June 14, 2012

Everyday is a practice day

Whether it's getting a page of thumbnails done or scrimping in a painting or two, the importance of practice cannot be understated. I stopped practicing this way 4 years ago and it annoys me a bit to think about how much better at this I would be if I didn't. Ah well.

Lazy, poorly thought out lighting is lazy and poorly thought out. Loads of mistakes here but the practice is helping get my mind warmed up to start recognizing my mistakes faster.
Look familiar? It's a quick paintover of a sketch I lifted from my previous post.

One thing I keep reminding myself this time round is to focus more on fundamentals and work a bit harder at getting them right. A page of mistakes is good only if you learn from them.

The other thing is volume. Being able to work fast makes practice minutes much more productive. Right now my painting and drawing is much slower than it used to be and as result I'm not as productive, however I am starting to feel the muscle memory quickly coming back. Design as well tends to be largely a reflexive act. I can see I need to do more varied subject matters to increase that vocabulary.

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