Who is this Ben guy anyway?

I'm an anomalous entity living a try hard existence in which actions are dictated by an ancient system long lost to humanity known as "ethics" and what little logic my puny organic brain is capable of.

I've been a gamer for the majority of my life and working on games for a decade on an amateur basis and as a professional for half of one. It's a love/hate struggle for many reasons but it's one that I've felt is important enough to stay in the fight for.

My taste in games is admittedly finicky by common standards and my opinions on the direction of the industry severe. I guess that would make me one of the statistical outliers on someone's graph but that's just what makes things interesting!

I also have a love for rock climbing as a way of life as it has helped me figure out a lot of what I care about and work for in my adult life. 

Oh and of course my le girlfriend! ~(^v^)~ <3

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